Big Skinny FAQ's

Big Skinny FAQ's


Q: Where else can I find Big Skinny wallets? I want to touch and feel them to decide.

A:  For the complete catalog of Big Skinny Wallets, our Sales Office is located at 315 Quezon Building Bonifacio Heights Residences, Lawton Ave. Taguig City. You can search "Big Skinny PH" on Waze or Google Map. Our sales office is open from Monday-Sunday 10am-9pm

Retailers that sell selected Big Skinny Wallets are:

- Makati 
Topspot International Corp.
Basement Level, Makati Cinema Square, Don Chino Roces Ave, Makati City 
Tel No: 02 831 0905
Mobile: (Globe) 0917 577 5833
Mobile: (Smart) 0998 970 7217
- Quezon City
Topspot International Corp.
3rd Flr, Krame-E Arcade Bldg, 107 Boni Serrano Ave, Quezon City.
Tel No: 02 650 9807
Mobile: (Globe) 0917 873 0946
Interested to become a Big Skinny retailer? Email us at

Q: How many days to get delivered?

A: Big Skinny uses LBC's logistic services. After ordering allow 2-4 days for Metro Manila areas, ,outside-Metro Manila areas 2-6 days . Sundays are not included in count. 

Q: How much is BigSkinny thinner and lighter than ordinary wallets?

A: About 3-4 times thinner and lighter depending on the design and type of leather. That means once you start separating the wallet layers with your plastic and cash, our thin nylon microfiber material keeps your wallet at least 40% thinner than regular wallets that have thick leather layers. Most Big Skinny wallets weigh 1 ounce or less versus 3-6 ounces for most regular leather wallets. That also makes Big Skinnies more comfortable to carry in a pocket or a bag because leather is so much heavier. In fact, Big Skinny wallet material is as thin as a regular business card--.21 mm! When you start skinny, you stay skinny which is why all your stuff in a comparable Big Skinny wallet will result in at least a 40% difference than your regular stuffed wallet.

Q: Are Big Skinnies for men or women?

A: Both men and women have been using them for years. Since everyone hates thick wallets, they are unisex. Now we have several distinct Women's and Men's designs but because they are so unisex in general, customers have been using Big Skinnies from both categories depending on their taste and needs.

Q: What are Big Skinnies made of?

A: A new super-thin nylon micro-fiber material that is lined on the reverse with a non-slip coating to make it harder to lose your cards and cash. But don't worry, materials are synthetic so no rubber or other allergies have ever occurred. Most regular leather wallets have additional viscose or cloth lining which eventually makes cards and cash slip out as the leather wallet stretches over time. Our nylon weave is 230 dernier density which makes it pretty durable and tear resistant—you'd have to cut it with scissors or a knife to get through it. And our nylon-microfiber wallets are 100% Vegan.

Q: What if a nylon Big Skinny gets wet?

A: The material is water-resistant so it will just dry out in about ½ to 1 hour from an accidental laundering or a jump in the swimming pool. The non-slip interior also prevents moisture from coming through and soaking your goods. So go ahead and sweat or dance in the rain, our wallets keep your goods safe.

Q: Does the nylon material sweat?

A: No, unlike animal products such as leather, the Big Skinny is made from a petroleum-based material that doesn't sweat like leather does on a hot day. As a matter of fact, the non-slip interior keeps sweat from getting to your goodies. That also works with your leather hybrid Big Skinny because the interior also has the same lining

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