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Leather Acrobat Black


  • Up to 15 cards
  • 1 clear ID pocket
  • 2 hidden storage pockets
  • Adjustable money clip that can hold up to 30 pcs. of paper bills
  • Dimensions: 4 1/4" wide x 3 1/8" tall, 4 mm thin
  • Materials: super-thin top-grain leather (outside), ultra-thin nylon microfiber (inside)

Suspend your cash. Yup, we got rid of the billfold area in our efforts to maintain thinness so now your cash is clipped inside the wallet area. Card slots for plastic and you have one of the smallest imprint sized wallets in the world--- barely the outline of the cash... Holds 20 plastic cards and you can fit this thin compact wallet in any small pocket you desire--- shirt, front or back pants pocket, suit pockets or under your hat...1/4" thin on the spring end and 1/8" on the thinner outside side when empty.


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