Leather World w/ Zip Black


The Leather Hybrid World Bi-fold Wallet has the shape of a bi-fold wallet. It measures almost a perfect 4 inches square, it holds up to 30 standard plastic cards, plus a ton of cash. The wallet is made of super-thin top-grain leather on the outside and ultra-thin nylon on the inside for comfort, style, and durability.

From the pictures, it's easy to see just how thin this wallet really is. Though its capacity is huge, this wallet will still stay slim and compact regardless of how many cards you put in it. The dimensions reveal this wallet is slighter taller than a traditional bi-fold and the Big Skinny bifold. We made a conscious effort to construct this wallet with larger dimensions so travelers could fit more cards into their wallets and feel comfortable carrying paper money in their wallets. Currency, including paper money, isn't shaped the same way in every country. The unique shape of the World's Wallet avoids all this mess with its extra-tall shape. Even with the extra height, this wallet is still noticeably compact.

Product Details:

  • Up to 30 cards
  • 2 over-sized hidden storage pockets
  • Zippered coin pocket on the reverse
  • Dimensions: 4¼" wide x 4" tall
  • Materials: super-thin top-grain leather (outside), ultra-thin nylon microfiber (inside)