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Multi Bi-fold OUTSIDE ID Black


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The Multi Pocket is one of our must popular and classic designs. And now due to popular demand, we've added an ID pocket to the outside! Our multi-pocket bi-fold wallet has been an absolute best-seller for more than 8 years now - just read the hundreds of happy reviews from customers! Click on our video to see how easy it is to stash your important stuff in one sleek, uber practical wallet. Every pocket is extra wide, so you won't have to jam in your stuff. Because it's made of our proprietary nylon microfiber, it's the thinnest wallet of its kind and even machine washable. The pockets have a non-slip coating inside each for extra security. This multi-pocket wallet will hold 20 to 25 plastic cards plus your cash and, like all our nylon-microfiber wallets, this model is machine-washable and water-resistant (so if you accidentally leave your wallet in your jeans and it gets laundered - no problem).

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