RFID Slimvelope Purple

₱3,018 ₱3,550

  • up to 40 cards
  • 8 extra-wide pockets, each holds up to 3 plastic cards
  • 2 clear ID pockets
  • Divided billfold to separate cash and receipts
  • 2 extra billfold area for checkbook or airline tickets
  • Full-sized zippered compartment for coins on the exterior
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Dimensions: 7 ½" wide x 4" tall, 4 mm thin
  • Material: ultra-thin nylon microfiber (interior and exterior)

Our sleek clutch-like billfold wallet is a modified version of the classic women's long wallet - but more clever, of course! Our best-selling Slimvelope is now also available with RFID blocking material to prevent data thieves from getting your card information. There are 2 long sections for cash, receipts, etc. Pockets and billfold are lined with a non-slip interior to prevent your goods from falling off. Our clever divide-and-conquer design strategy keeps your items organized in a flat plane, instead of stacked on top of each other. It stays flat no matter what you add to it, even when the large coin section on the reverse is full! Neat little magnetic snap closure is strong enough to keep your wallet closed even when it's jostled around in your bag. Crafted from machine-washable nylon microfiber.