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Taxicat Plum Dot


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  • 10-15 cards
  • 1 clear ID pocket
  • 3 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 1 exterior zippered coin pocket
  • 2 extra-wide hidden storage pockets
  • Full-sized billfold area
  • Dimensions: 4 3/4" wide x 3 1/4" tall, 5 mm thin
  • Material: ultra-thin nylon microfiber (interior and exterior)

It's small, curvy and roomier than most traditional wallets. Our Taxicat bi-fold wallet from Big Skinny was inspired by big city on-the-go lifestyles. We wanted something small, but roomy and attractive, but uber functional. The result? Big Skinny's Taxicat.

This thin wallet has a nifty coin pocket on the outside to feed the meters. The snap enclosure and rounded ends were added to make it easy to tuck into a purse or front or back pocket. You can carry it in the palm of your hand. It will hold as many as 10-15 plastic credit and ID cards, plus folded money. 

The Taxicat has one exterior zippered coin pocket on the outside. On the inside are one extra-wide interior clear ID pocket, one billfold area and two extra-wide, deep credit card storage pockets. We make our inside pockets wide, because we know how it feels to get your fingers stuck trying to pull out your ID or a credit card. We add a non-slip coating inside each pocket to keep those important cards from spilling out.