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Tri-fold Charcoal


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  • Up to 15 cards cards
  • Full-sized billfold area
  • 4 extra-wide credit card pockets
  • 3 over-sized hidden storage pockets
  • 1 extra-wide clear ID/credit card pocket
  • Dimensions: 3" wide x 4⅛" tall, 5 mm thin
  • Material: ultra-thin nylon microfiber (inside and outside)
Looking at the dimensions of our wallet, you're probably wondering how we get our nylon tri-fold wallet so skinny. Well, there are two good reasons. First, we use our special nylon microfiber fabric to make our wallets. This type of nylon is very thin, paper thin in fact, and extremely durable. Its durability is actually why our wallets come with extra perks like being totally washing machine safe (seriously, throw it the washing every week if you want to, it won't wear out!) The second reason is our smart design scheme. We use extra wide pockets to increase storage options, but we arrange them in a tiered style that ensures the girth of the wallet stays slim.

The thinness of Big Skinny's nylon tri-fold wallet as many obvious benefits, but here's one you might not have considered. Those who prefer to stash their wallets in their back pockets often end up sitting in a slanted position that over time can cause hip misalignment and chronic back pain. Take one look our reviews and you'll see many of our customer's found instant relief when they switched over to using our nylon trifold!

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